Back to School: Fall 2020

School Information

FAMILY VIRTUAL Q&A SESSION: ​Gilbert Park, Gilbert Heights, West Powellhurst, Lincoln Park, Earl Boyles principals will be hosting an online informational Q&A session about CDL for our school families. We ​will provide a short presentation which will be followed by opening the platform for any questions you might have.

Monday, August 31st at 5:00 PM ​A Zoom link for this session will be emailed to families.We plan to record the session for viewing later if you miss it.

WHO IS MY CHILD’S TEACHER? ​In this envelope you will find a student information verification form. Your child’s assigned teacher has been highlighted.

UPDATING STUDENT INFORMATION​ Please log into ParentVue to update any outdated information on the student information verification form. Go to our district website for information about ParentVue if you are not already registered.

GET CONNECTED!​ Most district communication and updates for families will occur via email and online platforms, and all student education will occur in this format. If you need assistance with this, please reach out via DDSD family support for technology: Phone number-​503.261.8391, Email: ​​ The district is currently applying for grants to help provide Wifi to families in need.

OFFICE HOURS: ​The office is open daily from 8:00-4:00 to assist you. Please call 503-261-6531.

TECHNOLOGY FOR STUDENTS:​ As our students return to school in September, we will be providing ​each student​ with a Chromebook so that they can engage in synchronous (live), asynchronous (recorded), and applied (independent) learning. Watch for an email sharing the dates and times for our school.

WHEN DO STUDENTS RETURN? ​The calendar for student return has been adjusted to accommodate CDL:
September 8-11: Planning/Family Orientations
September 14t​ h​: First Day of School for Students

September 14-18: Soft start week-Classes begin with a focus on building relationships and setting up community and expectations.
September 21: Online Academic Instruction begins


In the days leading up to September 14, Gilbert Park will have a type of virtual Back To School Open House by grade level so you can meet your child’s teacher, learn expectations, and find out how to support your child during the year. They will be recorded and the link will be posted on our website. In addition, classroom teachers will be reaching out to each student and family individually to connect and provide classroom specific information.

STUDENT DAILY SCHEDULE: ​Students will have a daily schedule from ​9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m​. There will be scheduled time blocks including a mix of live teaching sessions, recorded sessions, student work time, lunch, movement, small group breakout sessions, and specials (music, P.E., and library). Specific schedules are still being finalized.

ATTENDANCE: ​Just like in past years, attendance is going to be crucial. However, we know that some parents may have other obligations (like work) so we are exploring the possibility of recording all the live sessions. The most important thing is to support your child with logging

on to our online learning platform every day so they can boost their academics as well as connect with their friends and teachers.


The summer grab and go meal pickups will continue through September 11. During CDL, we will serve free breakfast and free lunch to all who are enrolled in David Douglas schools. This will be a similar grab and go with breakfast and lunch served together between 12:00-1:00. These may be picked up from Gilbert Park or from designated bus stops. More information on this is coming soon.

CURRICULUM: ​The elementary curriculum for this school year will be FuelEd, a research-backed online curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of each student. More information will be provided about this during family orientations.

We typically charge a $20.00 supply fee for each of our students. We ​will not​ be charging parents during distance learning. When we go back to school in person we may charge families a pro-rated amount. We will be putting together supply kits for each of our students that parents will be able to pick up the week of September 8th.

GILBERT PARK STAFF​: We have a few staffing changes at Gilbert Park. Grade level teams:

  • Kindergarten: Shelby Arden, Denise Davis, Lincoln Fisher
  • First Grade: Cara Schlesser, Jennifer Flagel, Janet Huntley
  • First/Second Grade Split: Lisa Schill
  • Second Grade: Melanie Phillips, Stacy Harrison, Carly Riepe
  • Third Grade: Amy Spencer, Jessika Joers, Laura Riehl
  • Fourth Grade: Scott Burton, Becky Franzke, Dora Dean (formerly Plancon)
  • Fifth Grade: Aika Topolski, Amber Richardson, Kayla Wallace Specialists:
  • Special Education: Kaeli Tate
  • Speech: Peter Martin
  • Title I Reading Specialist: Cheryl Hull
  • Music: Val Locke
  •  PE: Paul Crain
  • Language Development Specialist (LDS): Amber Tatge, Allison Schefers
  • Student Achievement Specialist (SAS): Patty Utz
  • Student Behavior Specialist (SBS): Jamie Voelker
  • Counselor: Dina Soriano
  • SUN Coordinator: Natasha Threatts


Available via the DDSD website is a document intended to answer some of your questions about CDL – the who, what, where, why and when of distance learning. Comprehensive Distance Learning is a new way of learning and teaching for students and staff, and we are all adapting as new information and challenges emerge. You may find this document in English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Somali, and Chinese on the DDSD 2020-21 School Year Plan page.